Friday, May 17, 2013

Human organs - test render from Maya

After finishing the modeling and texture painting in Blender, I imported the model in Maya via .FBX file format. The mesh looks great without flaws, even the materials names and basic settings were imported correctly.

Below is a preliminary test of the materials and lighting done in Maya.The next steps would be:
  • Animate the heart and maybe lungs;
  • Add particles simulation to show the flow of blood and malaria parasites entering the heart and flowing to the liver;
  • Animate the camera.

I haven't figure out yet a few things regarding the particles animation, I could either look for realistic blood flow in sync to the heart beat, but the speed would turn out to be to fast and not really didactic. I could opt for just a steady flow, so its more understandable where the parasites are coming from and where they are heading.

Another issue that I will have to deal with it's the actual scale of the parasites and blood cells  I will have to greatly exaggerate them so the viewer can recognize the liver and the actual parasites in the same shot.

I'll first try to pin down a camera animation with the voice over recording, and from there I'll try different scales for them and see what they look like in the final rendered image.