Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Modeling and materials exercise II - Egyptian chair

I should call this more a materials and texture exercise because that is where the complexities are, the modeling was relatively simple although it was a little hard to get the proportions, I only had one picture as reference.

Modeling and rendering were all done in Blender. Photoshop was used for making the bumpmap for the side panels.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Modeling and materials exercise - Victorian Footstool

This is the result of a modeling exercise I did recently in Blender 2.6. One of my attempts was to do some organic modeling on the dragons (in my case) or gryphs from the reference image further below. I call mine dragons because there are still missing details that would make them look more like cats, such as the tail, and chest and head fur and also a little bit of the proportions on the head. Since most of the modeling I do at work are low poly for games, I wanted to try out the Blender's sculpting tools on these, and also in the cushion and the golden emblem.

The materials were all setup thru the use of material nodes. Two bitmaps for the wood texture, one for the diffuse and specular map and another for the bump map.  The cushion is using a Voronoi procedural on the bump map as well.
The original rendering was done using Cycles inside Blender with full global illumination and depth of field.  In the screenshot below you can see the basic studio setup. One infinite plane and four area lights with 2 of them contributing to the overall illumination and 2 acting more like reflection planes.

In this screenshot you can also see the complexity of the wood material. The other materials are relatively simple phong and metal setups.
Afterwards I reduced the image to 720p and did some color correction in Photoshop.