Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turma Cósmica

Loosely translated to english as "Cosmic Bunch" is the first set of educational computer games for children that I have worked on, and it was released this week here in Brazil.

My duties in the production were:
  • Game design for all 2D games;
  • Programming for about 60% of the 2D games;
  • Sound editing for all of the 2D games;
  • Illustrations and painting for the 2D and some 3D games;
  • Modeling and texturing for some of the 3D games;
  • Package design.
Below are some screenshots, and background illustrations with a brief description of my acting in each.

*Game design, programming and illustrations (except the character).

* Concepts, game design and background illustrations.

* Game design and illustrations.

*Game design and programming.

*Game design, programming and backgrounds.

*Game design and programming

*Concepts, slideshow painting, 3D modeling and texturing.

*Package design and rendering.

**All images belong to PUC-PR and Editora FTD